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This topic just appeared on the JAWS group:

Since the poster describes the situation exactly, and gives the steps to get where the problem occurs, I won't repeat those here.

I have responded there that when I'm using NVDA if I'm mousing around the screen "the usual way" all of the options are actually read to me as the mouse is over them, but if I tab through them they are not.  What's even weirder is if I fire up the elements list the number of links shown does not correspond to what's on the page.  Very peculiar.

But, I thought, what about using Golden Cursor to mouse around the page, so I did.   My problem is that as I glide down the page vertically and move off of the bottom of one "button" [they're not really, but that's what they look like, and they're supposed to all be links, but not all are in the elements list] to the very top of the next I do get the full announcement of what needs to be heard that's on that "button" option.  However, if you can't see that bottom of one, top of another coming, the announcement of the pixel coordinate as you move makes it very hard indeed to know that you've hit a transition.

Is there a way to intentionally silence the coordinate reading aspect of Golden Cursor when using it as a keyboard substitute for "mousing around" on the screen to hear what's under the mouse rather than caring in particular exactly where the mouse is at the moment?   These "buttons" literally span the breadth of the screen, so once the mouse is focused on any one of them via up/down movement it can be activated, which is the ultimate goal, but I don't care where it is, I just want to hear what's beneath the mouse like I do if I'm moving the mouse itself without Golden Cursor involved.


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