Re: setting Firefox as default browser using NVDA

Dan Beaver


I have tried that several times now and have even rebooted my system between tries and it still  doesn't stick.  I really do not understand what is happening here.

When I just tried it again when I click on the browser button it showed Firefox as being the default browser.  I clicked on it and then clicked on Firefox to make sure it was set and still it doesn't stick.

Maybe there is something wrong with Win 10 on my system and it isn't saving the settings in the place that Firefox is expecting it.  Not sure what is going on. 

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Dan Beaver

On 8/22/2019 4:36 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
As a general note, setting anything as default under Windows 10 must be done in Windows 10 Settings, Apps, Default apps.

The "in program" dialogs are an anachronism that "don't stick" under Windows 10.   Those programmers who wanted to make their "in program" dialogs Windows Version agnostic query whether they're running under Windows 10 or not, then if they are actually trigger that Windows 10 Settings dialog to open to the correct pane and item to allow you to switch it.

I don't even bother "in program" anymore but just go to the Apps, Default Apps and handle it there.

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