Re: Nvda on Usb


On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 05:32 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
At that point, you can just enter f:\nvda (if your USB disk was on drive F:), or whatever, and NVDA would be installed to that folder.
Yes, you could.  You could also activate the browse button and navigate to a chosen folder.

But it's blank by default, and a great many people browse to the drive they want to use, and that's it.   There are lots of "browse" options in cases like this that would automatically post-pend the NVDA part, which a user would need to remove if they didn't want that folder.

People (and I include myself) are lazy and will most often take what the software does after a minimum of picking.   There are other factors involved, too.   Were the NVDA "create portable" always to create a dedicated NVDA folder on the destination device (even if that device were an existing folder) this would be a moot point.

I know what I observe happening "in the wild" and I know it won't likely change.   In this case a simple programming change could alleviate the issue.  It's all a matter of what one wants, and at least mentioning it.

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