Re: setting Firefox as default browser using NVDA

Luke Davis

All true, although I didn't think it necessary to get into in answering the specific question.
That said, if the topic interests anyone, here is a pretty comprehensive (and recent) article about it, why you should/shouldn't do it, and how to change it.


On Thu, 22 Aug 2019, Gene wrote:

If fast boot is disabled, shutdown will completely shut down the computer.  If I had Windows 10 and had fast boot on, I would still do a restart from time
to time to avoid instability caused by Windows not fully ever shutting down.  How often you would do this, you can experiment to find out.  But if you don't
want to experiment, I would think four or five day intervals would be good.  But you may have stability and performance problems sooner or later so you may
want to experiment.
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On Thu, 22 Aug 2019, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:

I used “Restart” as the shutdown procedure. Should I have used “shutdown” instead? I have a feeling that I read something about the Shutdown procedure
closing all windows routines but the Restart does not do so. I would be glad if you could clarify this for me.
I am not Brian, but I can clarify that for you. It is, in fact, the exact
opposite of what you thought. A restart brings Windows down, then restarts it
from the ground up. These days, shutdown actually just puts your system into a
hibernation mode (a more inactive form of sleep mode), and never really shuts it
down. Therefore, restart is the more effective way to be sure Windows actually
shuts down and comes back up.

When I type a web address into the windows search box, the web page always comes up in EDGE! How can I change that default behavior to Firefox? Edge is
listed in the potential default apps but is not checked as the default, Firefox is.
I don't know how to (or if you can) fix that, but if you use windows+r (the run
dialog) to type your web addresses, they should open in the default browser.

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