NVDA's new 1 core voices feature seems pretty broken


So I decided to experiment to see if my Eloquence would say Cuban
pesos instead of cups. No matter what permutation I tried, it didn't.
But what I did find was:
1) When I changed the speech synth to 1core voices, when I tabbed to
the voice settings portion of the dialog, the voices didn't change in
the listing, ie, the eloquence voices of Reid & Shelley, etc, were
present as opposed to the expected 1core voices of David, Mark, etc.
2) Even when arrowing thru the list of those voices, the speaking
voice did not change, ie, Shelly never became female.
3) If I checked the rate boost checkbox, the rate slider never
adjusted the rate. It was just blindingly fast, if you'll pardon the
pun, even at rate 0.

It seems you've got to exit the menu, then go back in to have anything
actually take effect. If nothing else, users should likely at least be
made aware of these caviots. I guess perhaps that should be reported
on Github, but I'm to bleepin lazy to go thru all that.

&yeah--1core voices do say Cuban pesos. Leave it to MS speech
technology to do something idiotic like that.

Retreating back into my hole.

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