Re: setting Firefox as default browser using NVDA

Luke Davis

On Thu, 22 Aug 2019, Brian Vogel wrote:

Yep.   The most inane and counterintuitive change Microsoft introduced.   I have nothing against the Fast Startup, per se, but I do have a huge problem with
how people can and do believe that doing a shutdown does exactly what it says.   If they wanted a separate form of Hibernation, which is what Fast Startup
does (it only saves the OS system state out to disk, full hibernation does that along with the user state(s) for all user(s) active at the time), they
should have called it something like Slumber.The first thing I do when configuring a new Windows 10 system is to turn Fast Startup off.  When, not if, but
Quite agreed. And the first thing MS does on a windows update, is turn it back on. Be warned.

On systems with SSDs the decrease in boot times when it's off are imperceptible.  On
regular HDD it's not that much longer to boot from scratch, and well worth it in my opinion.
On my HDD equipped laptop, turning it off approximately doubles boot time, to about two minutes.
Well, actually, about 50 seconds of that is between logon and desktop stability, which is usually shorter with this option turned on, although I'm not exactly sure why, since it shouldn't have any effect at that point in the process.


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