Re: Where is NVDA's log file?

Luke Davis

%tmp%\nvda.log for the current or most recent session, or %tmp%\nvda-old.log, for the previous session.

Note: unless you post it on Dropbox or some other file sharing site, you can't send it here. This list doesn't allow attachments.
You can attach it to a GitHub issue about your problem, and then post the link to the issue or the log file here, however, if you want to do it that way.

Jackie, this applies to your question as well.


On Sat, 24 Aug 2019, Dang Manh Cuong wrote:

Hi all
My NVDA 2019.2 sometimes crashed while reading html document word by word using Ctrl+Right arrow on Internet explorer. I can use other screen reader to get
the log file and send here, but I don't know where NVDA stores it so please help me. I think this is a bug so I'd like to report
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