Re: Audio theme 3d - request of removal from the official website due to missing maintenance

derek riemer

Just create a new incompatable page on the website, like we did for announcements, and create an incompatable tag. each addon will need to have stable removed and incompatable placed in there instead until promotion occurs.

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I agree with Adrianis justification. If concerns are justified,  in case nobody does this before, I will remove this add-on for now from the stable section of the website. As a minimum, I think that stable add-ons shouldnt cause issues for NVDA or Windows, and if maintainers cannot fix them in a period of time, add-ons must be removed at least from the stable section. And of course, if addons are harmful, at least potentially, like announced for BlindExtra, they must be deleted from development section too. Addons are shared in websites, repos, Dropbox, etc., and the website accessible from add-ons manager should be distinguished by the review process, including security and certain requirements regarding user experience. At least for me it is painful the deletion of add-ons, but it is a duty for reviewers and we have the possibility of ignoring these rules, but in this case I think that the whole addons website should be abandoned, leting people to search addons in lots of webpages or wherever they want, without spending our time on this. Just to confirm my agreement with Adriani. Cheers. 

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Hello all,


to clarify abit my request, with incompatible addons I meant the addons where no maintenance is given, where we lost contact to the author etc. Those addons should in my opinion go offline for a period until a maintainer is found.


For developers, the old versions of every addon can be found most often on github anyway. For the users, it is important that people do not run into issues and do not get the impression that NVDA is getting worse. We want to avoid huge workloads which could arise if people report unrelated issues on github, driving long discussions in which at the end it comes out the issue was caused by an old addon.


The justification for my request is as follows:

The community has implemented rules and processes for addons which can be posted on the website. That’s why we have a community review for every new addon at all. And by the way, the community review contains also compatibility checks. If this is not given, the new addon is not being posted. So is it not unfair to have an old and abandoned addon on the website while other engaged authors create new addons and apply for a review but they do not get posted? In my view, the addons website should guarantee security and compatibility for users. Otherwise we can drop all our review rules and processes and can post anything on the website.


But note that this official addons website is also the face of the NVDA community when it comes to corporate environments. We must make sure that people are able to bring arguments when security questions are raised. How should users bring reliable arguments when incompatible addons and most important, addons which cause significant bugs, can be downloaded from the official website?


So the question is, what should be the purpose of an official addon website? If you expect the addons website to be an archive for all kinds of old and incompatible addons along with new addons, then we do not need to spend time and ressources on reviewing addons at all. But I hope the community will not choose this way.



Best regards






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Betreff: Audio theme 3d - request of removal from the official website due to missing maintenance


Dear all,


with this message I request the community to remove the audiotheme 3d from the website and from the translations system because it seems we cannot find someone who maintain it. This addon causes problems in NVDA 2019.2 (i.e. NVDA does not announce elements on desktop after closing applications). It will also cause problems if the compatibility is not being updated.


To avoid invalid issues in NVDA’s repository on github, I further suggest to remove all incompatible addons from the website once NVDA 2019.3 comes out. Otherwise people, especially beginners, will download incompatible addons and will run into issues.


The authors are very welcome to request a re-integration of their addons on the website as soon as the compatibility flags are updated.


Thanks for your understanding.


Best regards



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