Re: Google Drive and NVDA and Windows

Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <>

I tried the installation of google backup and sync once and it is totally inaccessible.
I would say, even after you have installed the backup and sync, you need to first login and make basic setup before the sync can work.
However the UI of the window is not accessible with NVDA, in case you need to set up , I think it pretty much require someone who can see to help you go through the initial set up process.

David Moore 於 24/8/2019 10:35 寫道:

Hi Dan!

If you enter on your name, users, Google Drive is there with your documents and downloads folders and so on!

David Moore


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From: Dan Beaver
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The problem is that Google Drive doesn't show up either on the desktop or in the app list.  I see docs, sheets and some others but not drive.




Dan Beaver

On 8/23/2019 7:40 PM, Abbie Taylor wrote:

If you've already installed Google Back-up and Sync, just go to your desktop and click on Google Drive. It opens just like Windows Explorer, and you can browse and manage files from there. I hope that helps. 
Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)


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