Re: Anybody have a podcatcher recommendation?

John Isige

Thanks! I'll check those out.

On 8/25/2019 5:47, Marcio via Groups.Io wrote:
I've used a few of these podcasters but currently I'm definitely not into podcasts. So, while I can give you links with the programs I really can't give details. Sorry :(

Well, let's go.
While using podcasters, I found HermesPod <> quite good and easy to use. It's also very light, perhaps your best bet.
There's also Vov Podcast Downloader <>. This one will crash a lot but it's perfectly usable. Some people will say that this is totally intentional so that you buy the Pro version. I won't say I don't believe them :)
Lastly, there's Accessible Podcatcher <>. As the name suggests, it's indeed accessible. It's been made for the blind from day one.
However, maybe this isn't the best podcaster among these three ones. You can try and see what you think, either way.

That's it. Hope this helps a bit :)

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John Isige wrote:
Googling I find this thread from 2017.,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,380,6012532

As has been pointed out in that thread, QCast doesn't work anymore, at least for me it's stopped playing or downloading unless there's been an update which I doubt. I too don't have a device, nor do I want to use iTunes because it's clunky garbage, ditto with the webbIE stuff. QCast worked just fine for me and I wish it still did. But it doesn't, so here I am. I don't want Apple anything, I'm not buying a device, and I don't want to do my own googling for podcasts and chasing down URLs and pasting them in somewhere and hoping they'll download. Basically, I want something a lot like QCast, exactly like it if it can be managed, that actually downloads and plays podcasts. In particular downloading to folders would be nice, since there was a podcast for learning Irish flute tunes I want to chase down again. I thought I'd grabbed a bunch and saved them somewhere but I'm not finding them, hence the need for a working podcatcher. I know I've tried a few before, though I can't remember names, before coming across QCast that weren't really accessible. This is under Windows 10 if it matters, and latest NVDA obviously. Anybody have any recommendations?

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