Re: NVDA in Employment


On Sun, Aug 25, 2019 at 06:10 PM, Andy B. wrote:
When TB sometimes lags for hours, Windows 10
Mail doesn't read well and you have to make use of notepad to type email,
and NVDA+Outlook results in the error bell going off like the closing bell
on Wallstreet, it doesn't sound very compliant.
Well, those examples do not comport with what I've observed in the field over some period of time.

And, as far as the NVDA and Thunderbird issues, those are far from universal, which should tell those having issues something.  And that something is:  Most Computer Issues Are Idiosyncratic – Not Global


It doesn't matter if we're talking about NVDA, or Windows, or Linux, or whatever.   If the vast majority of users are not experiencing the same issues, even if some notable subset is, that strongly suggests issues with the systems on which the problems are occurring rather than with the software itself.  When there is a major bug that affects virtually all users, and those are exceedingly rare, then you have a clear indicator of exactly where the fault lies.  'Twas ever thus, and ever will be.

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