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Luke Davis

Vincent, I observe that you are already using Gmail. That leads to two points: you must be okay with giving them access to your email, so why not the big Microsoft overlord? Tongue in cheek of course. The second point is more relevant: have you considered using the Gmail web interface for your mail? If I recall correctly, there are at least two modes you can use that in; one of them might work in a way you enjoy.

Just a thought.

All that said, if you are using a local IMAP client, be it outlook or windows mail, or anything else, Microsoft or not, the provider shouldn't have any access to your mail. That is not generally how it works. I imagine there would be massive outcry among business customers, if it was learned that MS was sucking in all the mail they transacted using Outlook, especially given Microsoft's well known policy of "if it passes through our servers, it's our data".
So I very much doubt your concern is valid here.


On Sun, 25 Aug 2019, Vincent Le Goff wrote:

Hi Gene,
Thanks for y6our answer.  Hehe, I think Microsoft has enough data on me, giving it my email doesn't sound great.  But yeah, let's imagine they don't keep
this data!  As I was saying I really can't use Thunderbird much (even writing this somewhat short message is a pain).
I've tried eM client today, light and fast, like I wanted, but not accessible as far as I can tell.  So I guess I will need to find WLM somewhere.  But I
must admit it's a big disappointment to me who places so much on open- source technology, so going from Thunderbird to Microsoft is a downgrade, not in
terms of feature, but in terms of philosophy, if that makes any sense.
Thanks again,
On 8/25/2019 6:10 PM, Gene wrote:
What is wrong with using Windows Live Mail?  And what is wrong with using Microsoft products in general?  Some of the utilities and programs
included with Windows are designed to be easy to use and don't have options more advanced or demanding users might want or need.  But a general
avoidance of Microsoft products may lead to unnecessary problems or unnecessary time and effort looking for something else that works well. 
Windows Live Mail is completely accessible.  you can use the old menu version or the newer ribbon version.  You have to get it from someone, because
Microsoft no longer supports and distributes it. 
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Subject: [nvda] A point on email clients
Hi everyone,
This has been reported for a few weeks or months and things are getting
worse, so I'm afraid I'll have to leave the Thunderbird community.  The
client is getting extremely sluggish.  It behaves well for sighted users
but the thing is not reporting information to NVDA in less than a few
seconds for each key press, especially for us unfortunate relying on
Braille.  Enough is enough. Thunderbird served its purpose but I need a
fast email client and can't spend 2 hours reading my 100 daily emails
(yep, I happen to receive lots of emails).
But this "ragequit" will pose some problems.  The first, and obvious,
is: what to use now?  Relying on Microsoft products doesn't sit too
well, I'm already doing a lot of that, but it seems there aren't so many
choices.  For awhile I heard about an open-source email client
specifically created for accessibility, but I can't remember what the
name was, who created it, and Google can't help me.
So the debate is open: let's avoid the flamewar if possible, but what
are you using?  What would be more fitting with NVDA?  I have a few
- I'm running on Windows 10 (64-bit). Can't do without that.
- I have two accounts and possibly three, so I need to have support for
several email accounts and simple switches between them.
- I need support for iMap, which is basically the only protocol I used
to retreieve messages.
- Support for simple text and HTML content is obviously a strong bonus.
Thanks in advance for your advice!

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