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Will GMail let you set up both a POP3 account and an IMAP account for the same GMail account using an e-mail program? 
If you can do this, you can switch to the pop account, which you would have set not to download mail automatically, download the mail for whatever period of time you decide to let pass, check the latest messages to see if there is anything new, then delete all the mail you have downloaded except anything new.
Don't send it to sent mail, completely delete it.  if you can set up a pop and IMAP accountin Thunderbird, that would be the fastest and most convenient way to clear the inbox.

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I was able to track down the thunderbird slowness to Google's silly
behaviour of archiving mail instead of deleting it from the server when
I deleted it in the client. I'm not sure how to get around this, other
than to go on the web mail and clean out the mail periodically, though I
think telling it to sync only 30 days worth of stuff should get me a lot
of the way there as well. I had something like 8 years of mail synced to
"all mail" locally, so no wonder it'd be slow. Even SSD would be slow
with a 7 gig data chunk like that.

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