Re: Issue with Copying to clipboard


Hi Ollie,
this is a new feature in the recent developments snapshots to select some text.

The key nvda+F10:
If pressed once, the text from the previously set start marker up to and including the current position of the review cursor is selected.
If pressed twice, the text is copied to the clipboard.


Mallard, 14/07/2016 13:51:

Hello all,

I haven't followed the list for some time, so I don't know whether this
has been discussed previously.

For a few days now, I find that I can't copy text to clipboard via the
NVDA+f9-NVDA+f10 commands.
Actually, I find it difficult also to select text using the normal
Windows Shift+Down Arrow command. The only thing that seems to work is
selecting by character.

I'm running Windowss10, with the latest NVDA Next snapshot, but this has
been going on for a week at least.

I first noticed it after installing the development version of Instant
Translate to test, but I don't think this has anything to do with the
Just to make sure, I uninstalled the add-on, but the problem didn't go

Has anyone experienced the same problem? How have you solved it, if you
have at all?
Ciao, thanks in advance.

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