Re: Outlook Bug When Scrolling Through Messages

Luke Davis


If this has already been addressed, I apologize, but:

1. What version of Windows is running on that one computer? windows+r, type winver, press enter.
2. Is that different than what is running on your other computers?
3. Have you tried to use Outlook with all add-ons disabled, and what are the results? Insert+q, arrow to "restart with add-ons disabled". If you don't get the option, Insert+control+g, tab to "show exit options", press space then enter, then try insert+q again.
4. Have you tried the COM Registration Fixing Tool, from the NVDA Tools menu? you may have trouble with that, if they have locked out administrative mode on this computer, but it's worth a shot, and if you can't do it, have your IT staff do it; it is important to try that one.


On Mon, 26 Aug 2019, kelby carlson wrote:

I've continued to try everything I can think of to solve this issue. I
can somewhat get around it with object navigation, but it's still very
inconvenient. As I said, it is clearly something unique to this
computer (ad not even to Outlook 2016) but I can't for the life of me
figure out what it could be.

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