Debug Helper 1.0.1: new add-on released

Luke Davis

Hi All

I am announcing the release of the new Debug Helper NVDA add-on. This is an add-on which is intended to help people to work with the NVDA log. If you are trying to report problems with something you're doing, or writing an add-on, or trying to fix something, you may find it useful to be able to jump right to the spot in the log before or after the error occurred, or some important output happened.

At the press of a key (default: nvda+shift+F1), this add-on will insert a "mark line" in the NVDA log, which you can then search for in a text editor. Each mark line includes a sequential number, and can have 1 or more blank lines before/after it to aid in finding it quickly when fast-arrowing.

It works with older versions of NVDA (such as 2017.3), as well as future versions (such as 2019.3).

The add-on will hopefully be on the community site soon, but for now it can be downloaded here:

Full readme file, including more in-depth usage examples:

This is a small add-on with a very specific set of use cases right now, but if you have ideas for ways it could be expanded, please contact me privately.


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