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Quentin Christensen

At a guess, have you used the "Make everything bigger" feature or high DPI or "Make text and other items easier to see" (I forget exactly what it was called in Windows 7) to enlarge the text and everything on screen?  While this usually works ok, some programs don't handle it properly, and the results can range from minor to unuseable.

The workaround is the same but in a slightly different place depending on your version of Windows.  I'll give you the Windows 10 steps here.  If you're using something else, you can try to follow these and look for similar options, or let me know what version of Windows and I'll sort out the right steps (if this is even the right solution):

Firstly, not that this solution will likely make everything in this program appear smaller.  The other option I can think of is to use Windows magnifier while in the program - press WINDOWS+PLUS to turn on the Windows magnifier, WINDOWS+PLUS again to increase magnification, and WINDOWS+MINUS to decrease magnification.  To turn magnification off altogether, press WINDOWS+ESCAPE.

1. Press WINDOWS+D to go to the desktop.
2. Locate the shortcut for En Mail.
3. Press ALT+ENTER to open the properties of the shortcut
4. Press CONTROL+TAB to move to the "Compatibility" page of the properties.
5. TAB to "Change High DPI Settings" and press ENTER
6. The checkbox "Use this setting to fix scaling problems..." should be selected.  Press SPACEBAR to check it.
7. TAB to "Override high DPI scaling behaviour" and press SPACEBAR to check that.
8. Press ENTER to save the settings and close the shortcut properties
9. Launch the program.

Mouse echo should now work, although as noted previously, everything is probably smaller and you may need to consider using Windows magnifier.



On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 6:27 PM willmac@... <willmac@...> wrote:
I am using Win and Firefox as my browser.

I am using "En Client" for my Emails.  I tried copy and paste for one of my messages pasted it int MS Word.  NVDA read this prfectly.
Can you explain why this should happen and how it could be corrected if possible.

Many thanks.



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