Re: Please help (Excel with NVDA)

Luke Davis

There are two methods I can think of:

First, according to this website [1], while I have not tried it, Excel knows that there are consecutive formulas in your sheet. So, if you insert new rows (the word is rows, not rolls) in a range with formulae, for example by inserting new rows between A11 and A12, Excel should replicate the formula for you.

Assuming that doesn't work for you, there is another way you can try: copying and updating.

1. Move to A12.
2. Press shift+right arrow, then shift+end, to select the row.
3. Press control+c to copy it.
4. Press home to get back to A12 and cancel the selection.
5. Press control+shift+= (or use the context menu to go to "insert copy"). That will bring up a dialog box.
6. Use the down arrow to go to "move cells down", then press enter.

If you want more than one new row, repeat steps five and six as many times as you need new rows.
Then, moving down from A12 to A13, you should find copy(ies) of A12. Edit it(them) as you see fit.

There may be formulas that do not like this style of copying, it really depends on your sheet, and what options you have selected. The website mentions that, too.



On Wed, 28 Aug 2019, wrote:

What should I do with the following situation? (Excel 2013 with NVDA)
- It is an attendance record created with Excell. 
- Group 1 is from A1-A12, and Group 2 is from A13-A20. There is a function (name, ID, Department, date (1-31 with P stands for Present), and total sum at
the end of each roll).
- Then there is a new member joined group 1. 
- The question is: 
How to add a new member to Group 1 that will be A13 and use the same function as the previous roll with belong to the group and move Group2 to start from
the next roll instead? 
Please help me, I'm really new to excel.

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