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Luke Davis

On Wed, 28 Aug 2019, wrote:

- group 1 is A4-A12 (the header name of multiple rows, and B4-B12 will be the column to insert ID of participants. 
In your original message, you said:

There is a function (name, ID, Department, date (1-31 with P stands for Present), and total sum at the end of each roll).
So as I understand it, here is an example set of rows, with column IDs above them:
A, B, C, D, E
4: Bob Smith, 72, Science, P, some_kind_of_sum_formula
5: Alice Smith, 84, Science, P, some_kind_of_sum_formula

(I'm not trying to format that tabularly as it won't survive transmission: count the commas if you want it to line up. Also, the 4: and 5: are row numbers.)

In that, "Bob Smith" is in A4, and "some_kind_of_sum_formula" is in E4.

If I understand that correctly, than the methods I gave you should work.
And, since if you mess up all you have to do is exit without saving, or use control+z to un do, you have nothing to lose by trying one of them.

(Note: I understand that the 1-31 date is probably a range of 31 columns with a P in them or not (I.E. it's probably D through AH). I have shortened that to just column D for purposes of this email.)

- I'd like to add one more participant to the group1, which will be at B13, which is now the first column of Group2. 
That contradicts your statement in the earlier email, in which you said that Group 2 started at A13. Now you say it starts at B13, which means it's offset to the right by one column, which seems strange.
So the names in Group 2, are in the same column with the IDs in Group 1, as i understand your layout after this email.

Regardless of that oddity, the methods I suggested should still work.

- I'd like NVDA to say "group 1 A4 through A13" instead of "A4 through A12". 
You can mark the heading for the Group 1 column as a column heading. However you can not have two column headings in the same column, so you will not be able to get it to say "Group 2" when you move to A13 from A12 (Group 1). You can get it to say "Group 2" in column B, but since the IDs for Group 1 are in column B, while the names for Group 2 are in column B according to the above, the IDs for Group 1 will be spoken under the heading of "Group 2" in that case.

This is kind of bad sheet design. The groups should have been done in separate worksheets in the same workbook, or possibly in two separate table objects, although I'm not skilled with that method.
There may be other solutions, but somebody else will have to point them out.


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