Clock-19.09-dev #addontesting


Hi everybody,

I am Abdel, a collaborator for the add-on Clock and calendar.

Someone reported the following bug when using quiet hours:

If the start time is greater than the end time, the duration of the quiet hours does not arrive until the end time.

In principle, it must be the next day that must be automatically chosen through an internal code.

This code is in the timeInRange function, defined in the dtfunctions module.

This function has been corrected as follows, to fix the bug:

def timeInRange(startTime, endTime, checkTime, use24hour=False):
    A function that can be used to check whether the time range received as a parameter does not match a specific time.
    @param startTime: The start time in the range.
    @type startTime: basestring.
    @param endTime: The end time in the range.
    @type endTime: basestring.
    @param checkTime: The time that will allow for the verification.
    @type checkTime: basestring.
    @param use24hour: optional: A boolean to determine whether the specified times format are 24-hour format or not.
    @type use24hours: boolean.
    @returns: A Boolean corresponding to the verification.
    @rtype: boolean.
    start=parseTime(startTime, use24hour)
    end=parseTime(endTime, use24hour)
    check=parseTime(checkTime, use24hour)
    if end<start:
        if check < start:
    return start<=check<end

The 19.09-dev version of the add-on is downloadable here, it is also available by clicking on the "development version" link on the community site, as well as with addonUpdater, in the dev channel:

It will remain in development version during a period of 2 weeks.

Thanks in advance for confirming me if the bug persists or not.

Kind regards,

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