Data Recovery Tools That Work With NVDA

Luke Davis

Hello all

On another list, a discussion about data recovery has come up, and lead me to wonder if there are any data recovery tools that are known to work with NVDA?

I don't want to be too specific about the kinds of data recovery, to keep the question open enough to attract a variety of answers.

That said, here are two examples:

1. A folder accidentally shift-deleted from a hard drive.
2. Software that records audio to a USB stick in .wav format, but doesn't write the file length header until after the recording is done. If that software (or its host, like a Behringer X32 or Midas M32) is shut down while still recording, the data is still on the stick, but shows a zero file size because the length bytes were never added to the filesystem.

Either of those can, in theory, be resolved by appropriate data recovery and forensics software. But which such software might be accessible with NVDA?

As a side note: the person on the list is dealing with problem 1 I mentioned, and I am dealing with problem 2.


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