Re: NVDA and spell checking in Notepad++

George Kerscher

Hi Rick, Yep, I have been with DAISY since 1997!


David, the document formatting is not working in Notepad++. The spell checking is working, but a bit slow to activate I hit Alt+p, down arrow to spell check, enter then , f for find next, enter, and I am taken to the next spelling error. Then activate the context menu and the suggestions are there.


Casey, I have the Windows spelling option enabled. Settings, device, typing, and the options seem to be enabled. However, in Notepad++ I do not see any effect.






It would be nice if there was a hot key for a dialogue that would walk through the document to each error. If there




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Are you by any chance the George who fathered much of DAISY? If so, this is Rick Ely, who in the golden past was a project director at NCAM. If not that George, welcome to NVDA.



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Hello NVDA folks,


My first post as I convert from JFW.


I have installed the DSpellChecker plugin in Notepad++. My son confirms words that are misspelled are underlined, but I do not know how to get NVDA to alert me to the misspelled/underlined word.


Help welcome.




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