need to connect Alva BC640 - MY BRAILLE DISPLAY with NVDA

Moty Azrad

Dear all,


I go to to NVDA menu - settings – choose Braille and press on change.

I don’t see Alva or optelec in the list of Braille displays.

In the past – I do remember that Alva was the first braille display in the list.

I have Baum super vario 40 too and this Braille display I connect soon without any problems.

I went to device manager and choosed ports and open it I see there only usb super vario. Anyway, I used the application key and went to update driver.

I connect my Alva bc640 and select search not automatic but Browse, press some tabs and get a list of software button, press on it but can not find Alva or optelec in this list.

So, how do I connect my Alva bc640 with NVDA, THE LATEST version?


Any help is greatly appreciated.






Moti Azrad 

Musician and Piano-Tuner         










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