Paid Tutor For NVDA, Dictation Bridge, Dragon Dictate

Terrie Terlau <terrieter@...>

If anyone is a solid, regular user of NVDA with the Dictation Bridge add-on and Dragon Dictate and would like to do 4-6 hours of paid tutoring, please contact me. I want to use these resources to dictate and thereby digitize volumes  of brailled materials. I also want to teach a friend whose fingers cannot keyboard how to control her computer, do email, write documents, and use the Internet. Hourly payment rate is competitive and negotiable. Please consider contacting me off list if you have the requisite skills. Thank you very much.

Terrie Terlau

Email address: terrieter@...


I am computer savvy, but want to learn from someone who already knows what they are doing rather than reinventing the wheel.

Thank you again for considering this job.

Warm regards,

Terrie Terlau


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