appModule, where to find help?

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

Hi list,

Sorry if I'm off-topic, should I have sent it to the development list?  Isn't it trivial?

This has been asked many, many times (perhaps indicating this information is hard to find).  So here I am, trying to implement yet a new appModule for a very specific reason and a very specific software.  The software in question displays information in the console and this information isn't "spoken" automatically anymore by NVDA.  Should be a simple fix right?  But admittedly, it forces one to introspect on the generated NVDA objects and try to figure where the information is.

So I open the app.  I press some keys.  I can read the content in review mode just fine.  I press NVDA+CTRL+Z to open the Python console and then inspect the 'focus', 'fg' and 'nav' objects (wasn't sure of the difference in the first place).  All of them can, thank goodness, point to the window title in their name.  But I can't find a way (either easy or complicated) to get to the window text, the one you can access with the review mode.  So, since this can be accessed with numpad7 and numpad9, I guess NVDA can see it just fine.  I would just like to automate, so that new lines of text are sent to NVDA and its supported Braille display if anything happens (yes, this used to work, but this would be a perfect opportunity to dive into appModules).

In short, I need some data.  I would need to plug into some kind of event.  I would need for my appModule to watch for this event and, when it triggers, optionally send some text to NVDA.  How am I going to find the data itself?  Shouldn't opening the app and opening the NVDA console and examining the generated object would have led to the answer?  (For the record, I'm afraid I couldn't examine every single generated object, I concentrated on 'focus, 'fg' and 'nav, their parent and their parent's children, with no luck).

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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