Re: Scope of the Calibre addon



As far as I nkow, ebooks in the Calibre Viewer are presented as images, or encrypted somehow, so they can't be read. In order to see the text, you have to use the OCR function in NVDA, which is absolutely out of the question.

When I asked the devs what is the reason behind this behaviour, I was told it's because of copyright...

It honestly escapes me why ebooks aer copyrighted only when a blind person has to read them, while sighted people can read the text without issues...

I'd somewhat understand this if it applied only to drm-protected books, but it applies to anything... Even to drm-free books.



Il 31/08/2019 14:27, Jens Gierke ha scritto:

I'm irritated about the Calibre addon for NVDA. Does it allow reading
ebooks with Calibre or is it only to make use of the converter
capabilities? Even with the addon installed I'm not able to read any
book content in Calibre's ebook viewer. There is no browse mode and also
the review cursor/object navigation doesn't help.

Best regards,

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