Re: Can't run NVDA with admin rights on a MS Surface

Kevin Cussick

I have a surface go and had a surface pro4 I think it was or maybe 3 anyway have not seen this suspect something is going on with an AV product. do you use anything other than Defender? hope you get it working.

On 04/09/2019 00:11, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi James,
Interesting, I hadn't encountered this before, although I personally don't
have a Surface laptop - which model do you have? And which build of
Windows are they running?
As you've found with your Lenovo's, the general advice I gave should
usually work, but evidently there is something different happening with the
Surface. Can you get me a copy of the nvda.log and maybe the nvda-old.log
files from the %temp% folder on one of the surface machines (ideally from
when it was installed, and from when it wouldn't start, rather than the
portable copy).
On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 10:12 PM <> wrote:

Hi Quentin,

I installed the software with an admin account and can run the software
without issues on the admin account. When I log in as a standard user,
NVDA will not run and this is only an issue on Microsoft Surface
laptops(All our Lenovo units run fine). Currently I am running NVDA in
Portable mode to get my users up and running but I was hoping to resolve
the standard install.

Thank you,

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