Re: Thunderbird saying unknown

Bhavya shah

I too recently installed Mozilla Thunderbird and have been
experimenting with it since yesterday.
Thanks for bring this topic up, Brandon, and for the various tips by others.
Some more occurences of 'unknown' in Thunderbird are when you tab
around the main screen or page of Thunderbird, where two or three
unknowns appear subsequently in tab order, before the event related
I also must disable whatever I can and see if Thunderbird actually
increases my efficiency or productivity in any way as opposed to my
web Basic HTML interface of GMail, which I may eventually transition
from to the Standard View.

On 3/11/16, Pete <> wrote:

two more things, I do is uncheck Thunderbird options general Thunderbird
start page and I select in composition advanced open messages in a new
window radio button.


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