Re: Scope of the Calibre addon


I remembered reading about a modified front-end version of Calibre
that was created by the former owner of the TechTalk list, Carlos,
Since I don't use ePub I can't tell you if this version will do what
you want it to do, but you can download an installer or a portable
version here and you can give it a try:

Calibre front-end installer:

Calibre front-end portable:

Both versions require that you have Calibre already installed, this is
just a front-end addon.
As Carlos was an NVDA user, I'm sure it will be totally accessible,
here's an excerpt from the readme file:
Calibre is an application for organizing and converting eBooks. It's
ability to convert between many eBook formats is one of it's more
useful features. Unfortunately, it is not very accessible and
although you can use the included ebook-convert command line utility
to convert files, many people are not comfortable with this approach.
eBook-convert GUI is a so called frontend for the ebook-convert.exe
command line utility. It can convert individual files and entire
folders including subfolders from any supported format to any other.


On 9/5/19, Mallard <> wrote:
Hello Jens,

May I contact you off list?



Il 05/09/2019 17:22, Jens Gierke ha scritto:
Hi Ollie,

thank you for your mail.
The copyright argument is really a poor one. As sighted person you can
select text with the mouse in the book and copy it somewhere else.
And the copyright argument becomes even more ridiculous as Calibre
contains an editor for editing ebooks - at least DRM-free ones...
So I will stay unpacking Epubs and read the containing HTML files until
I will find the time to work on a contribution for Calibre...

Best regards,

Am 04.09.2019 um 13:42 schrieb Mallard:

As far as I nkow, ebooks in the Calibre Viewer are presented as images,
or encrypted somehow, so they can't be read. In order to see the text,
you have to use the OCR function in NVDA, which is absolutely out of the

When I asked the devs what is the reason behind this behaviour, I was
told it's because of copyright...

It honestly escapes me why ebooks aer copyrighted only when a blind
person has to read them, while sighted people can read the text without

I'd somewhat understand this if it applied only to drm-protected books,
but it applies to anything... Even to drm-free books.



Il 31/08/2019 14:27, Jens Gierke ha scritto:

I'm irritated about the Calibre addon for NVDA. Does it allow reading
ebooks with Calibre or is it only to make use of the converter
capabilities? Even with the addon installed I'm not able to read any
book content in Calibre's ebook viewer. There is no browse mode and
the review cursor/object navigation doesn't help.

Best regards,

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