Re: Notepad++ add on - getting it to work?

Aine Kelly Costello

No, I looked there in the tree view and it doesn't appear ... 

On 6/09/2019, at 10:48 AM, Jacob Kruger <jacob@...> wrote:

While focused on notepad++, activate NVDA menu, preferences, and input gestures, and then, double-check to see if there's a tree view item for notepad++, with something like 6 commands listed under it?

That's what shows up here on my laptop?

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On 2019-09-05 9:44 PM, George Kerscher wrote:



I have not tested all the features, but you could try NVDA+shift+backslash, which should announce the linenumber , column number and what is selected.


If that works, the add on is working. I have not gotten the MD function to work, but I have not spent a lot of time on it.





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Subject: [nvda] Notepad++ add on - getting it to work?


Hi all,


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. The Notepad++ addon says it’s installed and add-on manager says it’s enabled, but it doesn’t actually appear to be working, seeing as none of the keyboard shortcuts I’ve been trying are doing anything. I’m using the English US international keyboard.


I’ve tried restarting NVDA and the computer, along with reading through the add-on documentation. What else can I try, please?






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