what is this error and how to fix it?

ken lawrence

Hi listers during a voice chat in the middle of a golf game was having a lag issue.  I exited the chat room to reenter and got a command error phonim or phoneem or something.  only voice that worked was the NVDA default voice on the log screen after using alt plus ctrl plus delete so I decided to try a sign out.  that worked I then enabled narrator then signed back into my computer and things worked.  this is the third or fourth time this command error in phoneem or what ever has happened.  in past situations have restarted or shut down this was the first time I ever tried a sign out.  when I did it my kitchen game golf was lost so when I went back in I said I’m going to just have to play the whole game over so they said well we’d better just play it out, sorry ken...  you have one very pissed off blind person at those two people in that room talking about how unfair someone else is in conducting a game too.  anyway what is this command error in phoneem or what ever, why is it happening when I’m on a talking communities site and while playing golf on kitchen games.  is it my synthesizer, is it NVDA or what?  will post to NVDA list too. 

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