Re: One Issue with Web Form and Another with a Program Installer


Ibrahim, I subscribed to that website and then followed your link and
had the exact same experience. I tried using JAWS and had the same
results. It would be surprising to me if anyone could navigate such
an inaccessible website. If, by chance, the program your trying to
install is the Bluestacks android emulater, it too is inaccessible. At
least it was the last time I tried to install it. The Android OS is
open source, and that's a good thing, however it also means there are
no accessibility standards imposed on programmers and they may be
totally unaware that accessibility code exists. Anyway, more
experienced NVDA users may have answers for you.

Good luck,

On 9/6/19, Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:
This is the link:
When I get in to the dialog, and type the headline of the problem, and
I get to the next field with the tab key, that says rich text editor,
I am unable to get out and not even to get back to the previous field.

On 9/7/19, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
It would also help to have direct links to the installers that are being

Working with these sorts of arcane problems generally requires direct
contact with the items that are misbehaving if one hopes to get a

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