Re: Identifying capital letters



           As both a regular expression geek, and someone who's spent a lot of time in the halls of academe over the years, I would really suggest that you hire yourself a proofreader.   And I'm not saying this because you're blind, either.

           An experienced proofreader can pick up on all sorts of stuff, very quickly, without knowing anything much at all about the subject matter as that's not what their focus is.  If you are doing a master's thesis it is well worth the money to hire a proofreader if at all possible.

           The only way I have ever been able to proof my own material is if I set it aside after writing it for some time before revisiting it again, as just "knowing what I meant to put there" often results in my seeing what's not there, but instead what I had intended.   That's a luxury, time-wise, that one does not have with theses in general.


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