Re: stata with nvda

Marshall handheld Flax

I haven't tried this myself, but it appears that Stata is accessible if you use the "batch mode" described at (probably option #2).

Basically, you would create a ".do" file containing whatever commands you wanted Stata to run. You create this file (e.g. "") with whatever text editor (even notepad) you please.

Then you issue a command at the cmd prompt (or run a simple .bat file), which will cause Stata to create an output logfile (e.g. "test1.log") with the output in plain text.  Again, you can use whatever text editor you like to view this output.  Then you can change your "" file and then rerun the command to do it again, etc.

Granted, you don't get all of the fancy UI features (e.g. command-completion, etc) -- but this should be entirely serviceable.

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I have never heard of it in blind circles so by definition its probably not
very accessible at all.

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> hi all,
> My stat course is using stata for the exercises. However, it does not work
> with NVDa. Specificly, the results of the commands are shown in the output
> window, which NVDA doesn't read. Is there a way to use stata with NVDA?

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