Re: Japanese Pronunciation Dictionaries?

Takuya Nishimoto


This problem depends on the speech synthesizer you are using,
if you are reading a word consisting of multiple characters.

When reporting bugs in the NVDA Japanese version,
please file an issue to our repository.
You can write in either Japanese or English.

Best regards,

Takuya Nishimoto

2019年9月8日(日) 8:57 Clement Chou <>:

Mostly for the Japanese speakers! I have NVDA JP installed over top of
my original installation so I get the Japanese specific additions that
I need. But NVDA seems unable to process the difference between
kunyomi and onyomi properly. I remember when it used to be a lot
better than it is now. For example, the word
gets read as fudetoi which I am assming is just the reading of the
separate Kanji. But it should be read as

Any thoughts on this? It doesn't seem to matter what synthesizer I use. Thanks!

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