Re: Equalizer APO

Jaffar Sidek <jaffar.sidek10@...>

Hi.  Tried it with Jaws and NVDA, and I must say NVDA is slightly ahead in accessing the interface.  From my initial findings, it is not good with speech synthesizers because there are bleeps when, for example eloquence is speaking, especially when you are previewing text with the arrow keys.  Good for music and audio played through third party apps like Winamp or Groove music though.  I am still experimenting.  Will come up with something in a bit.  Cheers!

On 9/8/2019 9:09 AM, Ame wrote:

Hi!  Just had to reinstall windows so I’m pretty much starting from the ground up.  My Realtek HD system has an ok equalizer but I’ve heard good things about Equalizer APO.  I downloaded it but decided I’d wait to talk to you guysbefore I installed it.  Has anybody heard of it and does it work well with NVDA?  Thanks so much.

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