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Yeah, another one, this time I got hit with it.

Why do they ignore their userbase when they set it up in the first place.

I have just reformat to make the issue go away, if they continue botching up, well I am not leaving, but I don't know if unless you needed to if I would recommend things right now, because things have not been as pollished as I'd like in 1903.

The shell for example likes to crash enough on folder access to notice.

This latest search thing got me really fuming.

But I guess thats microsoft.

So I guess more reformats to get things to become stable only to get another botchup.

Sometimes I laugh at these but its different when its your behind on the line.

On 8/09/2019 3:56 pm, Gene wrote:
The last update uses a lot of processor cycles.  It has something to do with Cortana.  Although the problem was flagged by testers, Microsoft released the update anyway.  Last week, they admited there was a problem after not doing so immediately.  Another botched update by Microsoft. 
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For some reason after taking that last update my pc started bogging down. In some cases I have to wait up to twenty seconds for a key command. I didn’t get the same result on my laptop. When I removed it it has been working just fine.



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