Re: Equalizer APO

Jaffar Sidek <jaffar.sidek10@...>

Hi.  Press Control+escape keys.  You'll land on the search box.  Tab twice and you'll see the list of applications on your pc.  It will be something like "All Apps List: Recently added grouping".  Arrow down 3 times and you will hear the following: "Configuration editor, new", one more arrow down and you will hear "Configurator, new", and the next arrow down will give you "BenchMark, new".  Assuming that Equalizer Apos is the most recent of your installation, then you can simply choose one of these to work with it.  If not, just press the first letters of the list above and you should get there.  For simpler access, you might want to send anyone of those to your desktop as a shortcut.  Cheers!

On 9/9/2019 3:51 AM, Ame wrote:

Sorry, got another one for you.  Lol  I’m trying to install APO now.  In fact, I’m on my second attempt.  Already rebooted once.  I don’t see any shortcuts anywhere.  I did a search and it gave  me the exe file in my downloads folder.  Don’t know why I can’t locate and open the program.  Am I looking in the wrong place?

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