Re: Google drive sign in

Kevin Huber

Hi Brian:

Have you got a gmail account? If so, all you need to do is to sign
into your gmail account, then there is a link to Drive on that page.
Your gmail account and password will get you into all the gmail apps,
such as google drive, google docs, goggle sheets, etc.

On 6/26/16, Brian's Mail list account <> wrote:
Ok I give up. I have successfully installed and signed in two copies of
google drive on xp machines but my attempt to do the same on windows 7 oor
10 has met with failure. Each time after pressing next I get a windo called

wx which invites me to sign in. However there seem to be no buttons or
fields on this window, just the title and an invitation to sign in ven with

various navigation modes invoked.

Is this nnvda or Google drive. if the same version of nvda works fine in xp,

why not in the later operating systems. If you go on line and sign in to
google their frame for docs etc works fine so what is wrong in Drive?
I'd really like tis to work, but at the moment it seems to only work on XP

since I cannot log into it on 7 and 10.
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