Re: What is UI automation in Windows console for?

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

To us, it might sound like magic indeed!  But as long as the feature is considered still a work in progress, I won't complain. Just don't merge it right now (don't know if it's worth opening an issue to report how Braille support works, or doesn't work, in this setup).


On 9/10/2019 11:11 AM, Rob Hudson wrote:
But it doesn't tell us how it will do that. Sounds like a lot of doublespeak to me.

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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2019 11:10:11 +0200
Subject: Re: [nvda] What is UI automation in Windows console for?

Vincent, from the what's new documentation/feature listing:

Use UI Automation to access the Windows Console when available
When this option is enabled, NVDA will use a new, work in progress
version of its support for Windows Console which takes advantage of
accessibility improvements made by Microsoft. This feature is highly
experimental and is still incomplete, so its use is not yet recommended.
However, once completed, it is anticipated that this new support will
become the default, improving NVDA's performance and stability in
Windows command consoles.

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On 2019-09-10 10:41 AM, Vincent Le Goff wrote:
Hi everyone,

I recently saw some users advising to turn on the "UI automation in
Windows console settings" for those experiencing issues with the
Windows console.  I'm relying a lot on this console (that is, cmd.exe,
not PowerShell) for development, testing and such.  I couldn't find
what this setting was.  I did try to turn it on and, (ho horrors), my
Braille display saw nothing but weird characters in the console!  So I
quickly turned it off.  Don't know what the synthesizer reports, but
my Braille display doesn't report anything consistent, or even readable.

Can someone elaborate on what this setting is supposed to do? There's
a good reason it's in "advanced settings", I guess, but if it's bound
to be merged and active by default in later versions of NVDA, I will
stress that it's not working (at least, in Braille, as far as I could
tell).  I couldn't find a document that explained this feature in more
details, I might have missed it.

Just curious here.



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