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Sarah k Alawami

You don't evene need to do that. Use obj nav to get to he sources window, go into it then obj nav to the tool bar, go into tht, then click add. From ther it's 100 percent accessible.

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On 10 Sep 2019, at 12:34, George McCoy wrote:

When you are setting up new scenes in OBS, use NvDA's object navigation keys to locate the sources window, then press nvda plus enter to open it.


On 9/10/2019 8:49 AM, Chantelle Buys wrote:


I've downloaded the program but, nvda aren't reading everything and
the sources tab are not accessible unless I use the mouse. Is there an
addon for the program?

I found a program called Debut Video Capture Software which can be
used with the menus but, I can't get it to record nvda as I use it. It
does pick up my laptop microphone but, I haven't tested it to see if
it works or not.


On 9/10/19, Ralf Kefferpuetz <ralf.kefferpuetz@...> wrote:


I did a time ago with OBS studio, it is free and pretty accessible.


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No, don't have a problem with that. I want to make videos for my youtube
channel showing people how to do things on the computer.


On 9/10/19, Robert Doc Wright godfearer <godfearer@...> wrote:

Are you not able to get your print screen to work?

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Does anyone know of a screen recorder that works with NVDA?


Never give up, at any cost.

Never give up, at any cost.

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