the new nod32 9.0?

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

Hi,  I was recently asked to look at the new nod32 version 9 to see whether it would be safe to upgrade.  The install was a nightmare!  I powered through it, but the tap key could not focus any onscreen elements during the install and there were no alt key nemonics.  F5 properly brought up the advanced settings window but nothing in either the main or advanced windows could get focus with the tab, and NVDA reported unknown repeatedly when new windows open and close.  Is this the general experience of nvda with Nod32 9, or is there something in my setup that might be causing it?

They make a big splash about working with jaws if you look at the downloads page, but jaws is a dying art and the sooner the better in my view.  In any case, most features should be pretty accessible if they designed it properly no matter which screen reader is in use and so I was a bit dismayed to see what's happening.  I'm running windows seven still in case that makes a difference.


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