Re: What is UI automation in Windows console for?

Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...>

I did test it and it's behaving the same way in Braille, the only difference being the feature is active by default.  So I opened an issue.  For us using Braille, I'm not exaggerating when I say this new feature makes the console totally inaccessible.  This will need, in my opinion, lots of further testing with a Braille display (or in debug mode to read the Braille output, though that's not the best way to debug I guess).  But I do trust that some users here would be as worried as myself about introducing bugs that break Braille accessibility to such an extent (though admittedly I don't know how many Braille users play with the Windows console).


On 9/10/2019 12:44 PM, Lukasz Golonka wrote:

On Tue, 10 Sep 2019 11:13:58 +0200
"Vincent Le Goff" <vincent.legoff.srs@...> wrote:

To us, it might sound like magic indeed!  But as long as the feature is considered still a work in progress, I won't complain. Just don't merge it right now (don't know if it's worth opening an issue to report how Braille support works, or doesn't work, in this setup).
It definitely is. This option would be, and (in the Alpha versions is
already) on by default on recent versions of Windows 10. So if you can
please try with the latest Alpha versions, and if the problem persist
create an issue.

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