Re: links on web page


In browse mode, when you are on the link, move the mouse to the link with numpad insert numpad star.  That is the key to the right of the numlock.  In other words, hold down numpad insert and press numpad star.
Then release both keys and left click with numpad star.
If you are using the laptop layout, someone can give you those commands.

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From: Don H
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2019 11:32 AM
Subject: [nvda] links on web page

Running win 10 1903 and latest version2019.2 and google chrome.
I have a web page for my investments that has things that NVDA says are
links that I can't open.  I have tried hitting enter on them, used
insert f7 to get the elements list to activate the link and nothing
happens.  I have tried hitting insert space bar before hitting enter and
nothing happens.
If i get sighted help they can use a physical mouse to left click the
link which then opens a list of options similar to what a combo box
might do.  Any other ideas as how to deal with such a link?

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