Re: Bluetooth problem

Tony Malykh

My add-on won't help here unfortunately - since it only works with audio devices.

I have experienced similar connectivity problems a while ago with my bluetooth headphones and it was resolved after installing new bluetooth drivers. Judging by the symptoms you're describing your problem indeed sounds like a driver issue. Disabling power saving options for bluetooth seems to be a reasonable thing to try, but if it doesn't help - update your drivers. You'd have to figure out the name of your bluetooth chip and find most recent drivers for it - this is what helped in my case.


On 9/11/2019 8:39 AM, Giles Turnbull wrote:
Hi John,

I wonder if Tony Malykh's bluetooth audio addon might help. It is intended to stop the computer's blue tooth from going into standby for audio purposes, but I don't see why it wouldn't work for your Braille device's bluetooth connection too.

This is the web link:

And this, copied from the addon page, explains how it works:
"Most bluetooth devices enter standby mode after a few seconds of inactivity. That means that when NVDA starts speaking again, the first split second of sound will be lost. Bluetooth Audio add-on prevents bluetooth devices from entering standby mode by constantly playing a silent sound, that is inaudible to a human ear."

Hope it helps :)


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