Re: links on web page

Don H

No I can not read the drop down list after a sighted helper clicks on the link.
All the suggestions so far have not helped in the least.
I have tried using Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox as the browser. I have tried usind NDDA, Jaws and narrator.
I have tried working with the company before and they are unwilling to change their site to offer better access.

On 9/11/2019 3:28 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Hi Don
When the sighted user activates the link for you, are you then able to navigate the dropdown list of options?
Also, can you simulate this behavior by going to one of the links, pressing nvda+numpadDivide, then pressing numpadDivide on its own? In other words: routing the mouse to the current nav object, then left clicking it?
Btw: did I run into you on some StockGumshoe forum like five years ago, and exchange emails about programatic investing?
On Wed, 11 Sep 2019, Don H wrote:

Running win 10 1903 and latest version2019.2 and google chrome.
I have a web page for my investments that has things that NVDA says are links that I can't open.  I have tried hitting enter on them, used insert f7 to get the elements list to activate the link and nothing happens.  I have tried hitting insert space bar before hitting enter and nothing happens.
If i get sighted help they can use a physical mouse to left click the link which then opens a list of options similar to what a combo box might do.  Any other ideas as how to deal with such a link?

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