Re: NVDA pronouncing "no" as "number" with some widgets but only with Microsoft synthesizers

Quentin Christensen

I must admit, I need to brush up on my regex.  Has anyone got any thoughts for Brian in the meantime?

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 2:27 PM Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Quentin, I tried playing with, both of which were defined as regular expression without case sensitivity:

[Nn][Oo]\.* (\d+) number \2
[Nn][Oo](\s|$) No

The above should cause any case combination of "no", optionally followed by a period, followed by a space, followed by one or more digits to be announced as, "Number" followed by the number that is in the collection of digits.  That's the first line.

The second should cause any case combination of "no" followed by white space or where "no" is the only thing on the line to be announced as No.

The problem is that the first line is not working, at all.   If I have the line:

Chanel No. 5

I still get NVDA saying Chanel no 5.   I have tested that regular expression using every engine and all of them match anything with the standard N O period number abbreviation and snag the actual number that follows it.  I can't figure out why I'm not getting, "Chanel Number 5."  Any ideas?

This is not a complex regular expression, and I know it has to match, but the substitution "Number \2" is not giving me either the word "number" or the digits, either.

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