Re: Clock-19.09 #addonrelease


Hello Robert,

For this, you can subscribe to the nvda-addons mailing list on

Or dev-learning:

There are also online tutorials.

NVDA 2019.2 Developer Guide:

NVDA Add on Development Guide:

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Le 12/09/2019 à 12:48, Robert Doc Wright godfearer a écrit :

I wish I knew enough to do this. There are some things I would like to contribute for SPL Creator.




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From: Abdel
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2019 3:38 AM
Subject: [nvda] Clock-19.09 #AddonRelease


Hi everyone,


It's been 2 weeks since the 19.09 development version of the Clock

add-on has been released.


As no bug was reported during this period, I announce the release of the

stable version 19.09.


This version of the add-on is downloadable here, it is also available by

clicking on the stable version" link on the community website, as well

as with addonUpdater:


As announced earlier, this release fixes a bug that occurred when the

start time was greater than the end time in quiet hours.




Kind regards,






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