Re: NVDA pronouncing "no" as "number" with some widgets but only with Microsoft synthesizers



             [Nn][Oo]\.* (\d+) number \2 was a mistake with the \2, it should have been \1

I do not understand the need for the double backslashes in your:  ([Nn][Oo]\\.*)(?= *\\d+) as that means you are actually escaping the backslash. And running this through the engines confirms that. I get the "don't consume" bit, but try to avoid using that myself.

All of the above being said, I did a cut and past of your regular expression for the number abbreviation situation, and am still getting NVDA saying "No" for it.  Notepad file of test phrases is:

No, I won't go.
No no no
Chanel No. 5
Space no. 763
No. 7

Something's off here.  I even still get the no pronunciation if I take those double backslashes out and use singles:

([Nn][Oo]\.*)(?= *\d+)

The Regex101 engines all show that matching the classic N O period abbreviation for number, but NVDA is not saying Number when that's used.


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