NVDA compatibility concern with M.S. office

pankaj singh Kushwaha

Dear friends, last two weeks I did not start JAWS for accessing my
laptop and associated services. But today, I was forced to start jaws
to access track changes feature provided by m.s. office. Through the
NVDA I tried to off and on the feature but the regular shortcott
command like control+ shift+E was not working. even, NVDA was not
announcing anything? so the experts are requested to through some
light upon. Is there seperate commands to access certain features?
Please let me know to become active nvda user.
thanks in advance and I'll wait for your productive comments

Pankaj Singh Kushwaha
Ph.D. Research Scholar,
Centre for European Studies,
School of International Studies, "SIS" J.N.u. New Dehli 110067.
Mobile: +919868610216
E.Mail: pankaj.jnu11@gmail.com
Facebook: I.D.: Pankaj.jnu11@gmail.com
Institutional mail: pankaj44_isl@jnu.ac.in

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